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YouTube - 'Let's Dance' (2016) Clips

(February 25, 2017)

The school has begun putting up a few clips of selected dance routines from 'Let's Dance' (2016) on our YouTube channel:

In keeping with the rest of the channel we won't be uploading any Performing Arts scenes, but we would just like to reiterate how important each and every class and student's performance is in our shows.

Last year's Performing Arts scenes, something we've been doing for several years now, only came to a grand total of 13 minutes of the whole show for our Part 1 telling of Alice In Wonderland.

Even with such little time, however, they made a huge impact leading to many wonderful comments (which we are very thankful for) to us in person and on our social media pages about how the show gets better every year, and how the interactions between the few dialogue/acting scenes and the dance routines they intertwine with give the shows a much needed injection of something special each year, allowing us to carry our traditional Part 1 story theme better.

All of our students, whether they dance, act, or sing in shows, work extremely hard and I'm sure everyone can agree their hard work pays off and that they shine bright when it comes to these performances. We can never say enough how proud we are of all of our students and how delighted it makes us to hear the kind of positive feedback their efforts receive at the end of show time, and what it means to all the supportive and encouraging parents.

We will all continue working hard to produce our annual shows, which take up a lot of both staff and students time and efforts.

After all, we're all in this together. 

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