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🎟 'Let It Snow' (2017) Ticket Release 🎟

(August 01, 2017)


We are pleased to announce tickets for our annual end-of-year show are now available to purchase! (Booking page linked above)

Double check your seats and dates!

In order to avoid confusion or disappointment please double check the date you are booking for and which seats you are booking. There are three performances this year, two of which are on the same day, so make sure you select the right show time from the drop-down menu:

  1.  ď¸Saturday 25th, Nov - 2:00pm 
  2.  Saturday 25th, Nov - 6:30pm
  3.  Sunday 26th, Nov - 2:00pm 

Tickets are £11 each including booking fee. We have intentionally lowered the face value of tickets in order to ensure the total price per ticket works out cheaper than last year's show and to compensate for there being no discounted child tickets. This price will remain the same until show day.

Every attendee will need their own ticket, including children participating in Part 1 of the show who intend to watch in Part 2. Due to fire regulations we cannot allow children to share seats with parents (i.e. sitting on knees) and so will need their own ticket.

Please also note that the front row shown as blue seats is not a regular row, but an optional row to cater individually for any disabled attendees - Please do not attempt to book places on this row if you do not have a disability.

A button has also been added to the Home Page of the website that directs to the ticket booking page to make the booking process easier in the future.

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