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✨ New Logo Uniform ✨

(August 18, 2017)

By now everyone should be aware that we will be phasing in our new logo uniform, in line with the logo and brand we have been using for the last few years. We have been asked a few questions regarding orders so we would like to clear up any confusion with a little FAQ!

"Do I have to buy the new uniform if I already have an old one?"

No! We will be phasing in the new uniform with each order, so no one will be forced to buy the new uniform straight away. When you are ready for a new T-Shirt, Dance Pants or Hoodie, you will receive the updated uniform. Until then, you can wear your current uniform until you outgrow it or it needs replacement. This includes uniform for this year's show 'Let It Snow' (2017).

"Will the sizes be different?"

Also no! The only thing that is changing will be the embroidered logo on the chest and back on the T-Shirts/Hoodies and the leg on the Dance Pants. The actual clothing should remain the same unless something changes on our uniform supplier's end.

"Are any of the leotards, shoes, leggings etc. changing?"

No! Although they have changed colour in the past, we have no current plans to change any of the dancewear that our students use in and around the studio. This change only reflects the Jowett School of Dance logo uniform - The T-Shirts, Dance Pants and Hoodies that are worn at specific shows/performances and optionally by students in and around the studio.

"Can I order new uniforms if there's nothing wrong with my old one?"

Of course! This would be a decision that is entirely up to you. If you would like the new uniform, simply order from Degas Studios Reception with a form like normal.

"Does this mean other things are changing at the dance school?"

Yes, and no. We always have been, and always will be the same dance family that has accepted countless students to help them explore their passions and hobbies in the field of dance for 40 years.

As the years move forward, the school grows, and the world around us brings new and exciting things, we have to make changes. These changes are always discussed at great length between staff, with Mrs. Jowett having the final say.

These changes in the past have included moving from Hull to Tibshelf, from dancing in village halls and chapels to opening up and moving into our very own studio space, and most recently redecorating and expanding our space so that we now have a third studio at Degas Studios!

Although all of us will have plenty of fond memories of our pink and black uniforms, and our ballet dancer, we felt that it was finally time to have our own design made in-house specifically for us (which has been included on our outdoor sign, advertising, social media, and various other places in recent years) to put the stock image that was chosen from a board long ago to rest and have everything matching!

We hope this post has been helpful and thank you for the continued support and positive feedback from parents, students and staff alike!

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