Facilities: Degas Studios

Dance Studios

Degas Studios has three separate dance studio spaces, all fully equipped with barres and mirrors.

Main Studio - A large dance space where most of the dancing and class work takes place during the week.

Studio 2 - The smallest of the studios, perfectly suited for doing warm-ups and practising in smaller dance groups.

Studio 3 - A dedicated studio space mainly used for splitting up dance practising on days with larger class numbers.

The Degas Studios facilities have been an excellent environment for the dance school for many years, with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere maintained at all times.

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Reception & Office Space

The Reception area of Degas Studios is tailored towards providing a warm and pleasant welcome for students, parents and visitors.

The Reception room features a large notice board, comfortable seating, and a window through to the office space used by the Jowett School of Dance Team where students register in for their weekly classes.

Changing Rooms & Restrooms

Degas Studios has its own changing facilities, and duties are split between a dedicated changing room and Studio 2 (located next door) when necessary. The school also has restroom facilities in the form of a disabled accessible toilet between its Main Studio and Studio 3 spaces.