Katie's Story

My dancing journey started in 2003 when I became a member of the Jowett Dance Family at around the age of 3. I started off as a tiny pre-school dancer and carried on all the way up through to the senior classes on a Thursday!

When you become a member of Jowett School of Dance, you never truly realise how many opportunities and experiences you will get through the school. From being a member, I was able to take part in exams, shows, even become a student helper, and most recently the opportunity to be a teacher for the school.

Although I took a break from dancing after my last show in 2016, I always remained in touch with everyone and came to help with the annual shows, being upgraded to a prop handler. After watching everyone dance their hearts out onstage and realising how much I missed dancing and helping, I decided I wanted to be a part of it all over again and came back full time.

The opportunities that Jowett School of Dance gave to me allowed me to gain confidence and leadership skills. As a Student Teaching Assistant, I first started out helping on Saturday mornings with the pre-school children, and after a few months I then went on to help with the Tuesday groups as well. Being able to help with both of these groups was so rewarding, watching them all progress and do their best every week!

I will forever be grateful to Mrs Jowett and the team for helping me take part in my Ballet Grade Exams, and allowing me to make some of the best friends I have. They truly are the best team to work and dance with!

Joined Jowett School of Dance:

Favourite Jowett School of Dance Memory:
When I first started helping on Tuesdays, I was so nervous to meet all the new girls I would be helping to teach, plus the other student helper. However, Ellie and I hit it off right away and became super close friends from that day onwards. 5 years on, we're still close friends!

Favourite Dance Show Memory:
My favourite dance show memory was from my last show. For me, I saw this time as the end of a chapter in my life and I really wanted to celebrate it by having a duet with my lifelong dancing partner.

Luckily, Mrs Jowett agreed and we were able to choreograph and perform our own duet in the show together. It was such an emotional time for me, but one that I’ll always look back on and smile at.

Favourite Show Dances
'Let's Dance' (2016) - 'Photograph'

'Dream' (2015) - 'Lord of the Dance'

'Dance Yourself Dizzy' (2014) - 'Because We Can-Can'

Last Show Performed
'Let's Dance' (2016)

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