Video Learning Material Centre Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most common queries that you may have on the ins and outs of the VLM Centre to help you find answers

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What is the VLM Centre?

The 'Video Learning Material Centre' (VLM Centre for short) is really just our name for a group of web pages containing videos set up by the school, all linking back to a central "hub" page. It was set up in response to the 2020 COVID—19  virus outbreak so that Jowett School of Dance students could keep engaging with the school from home and learning routines they'd been practising before the nationwide 'lockdown' was put into effect. 

Who has access to the VLM Centre?

Every student currently registered with Jowett School of Dance should be able to access the VLM Centre.

If for any reason you are registered but don't have access and would like to request it, please contact the Studio Mobile number which can be found on the contact page here.

Why are the videos password protected?

We password protected the videos for a few reasons, mainly security and safeguarding. Some of the videos feature JSD Students which we try not to make easily accessible to the general public. We also did this to ensure that students and parents / guardians are gaining something in return for retaining their place at the school.

Although provided at no extra cost, the material is for the use of registered JSD students who pay for their place at the school only, so that they have learning material to engage with during the COVID—19 lockdown. All missed class time in the interim will still be deferred to later dates, again at no extra cost.

Why do I have to enter the password each time I access a dance routine / exam page?

Unfortunately, this is the way the system works and there is currently no way around it. We understand it can get annoying, but it's the only way we can secure the videos without people using direct links to sub-pages to bypass the password page.

Our current website host doesn't allow individual password protected pages, so we have had to use our connected 'WIX' pages, which have the bypass issue.

We did our best to keep page numbers fewer and organised them by routine and exam rather than a page for each video to combat this.

How long will the VLM Centre be available?

For as long as it's needed. We're experiencing an uncertain time, and none of us know when we will be able to resume our classes as normal. The VLM Centre will remain accessible, and be updated and maintained for at least as long as lockdown continues. Now that the VLM Centre has been built, there is no reason for us not to continue using it for whatever purpose it can serve for the foreseeable future.

Will there be new material added?

We plan to keep updating the VLM Centre with new material as and when necessary.

Since the second nationwide 'lockdown' was put into effect in November 2020, we have added new videos of routines the students have been practising when Degas Studios has been open.

What do I do if something isn't working on the website?

You can visit the Issue Tracker to see what problems and bugs we are aware of with the VLM Centre here. You can also use the form on the issue tracker if you spot something broken / glitchy, but please check the issues listed first as we may already be aware of the problem you're experiencing.

If the password you were given isn't working, first double check you definitely have the right spelling and that you're definitely trying to access the right material (passwords differ between classes and students). If you still can't access a video you're confident you should be able to view, please text the Studio Mobile number which can be found on the contact page here.

How do we say thanks for the VLM Centre?

We're getting asked this a lot, and the answer is that although we appreciate it, you don't have to thank us in any specific way. If you / your student were registered before or on April 1 you have supported the school enough and we are committed to giving back as much as we can during this difficult time for us all.

If you really wish to do something for us, engaging with our social media in a positive way and promoting the school to others is always helpful with likes / shares / positive comments and generally sharing a positive opinion / experience regarding the school to family, friends and colleagues is a good and easy way to show support.

But, if you really, really want to, you can buy the person responsible for the VLM Centre a drink using this link.