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Live Stage: VLM Version 1.2

[14/02/2021] Issue: Wednesday - Star 1 Freestlye title text links to video but 'View' button doesn't.

Status = Resolved: Removed link from text and added to 'View' button.

[11/02/2021] Issue: Wednesday - Bronze Freestlye title text links to video but 'View' button doesn't.

Status = Resolved: Removed link from text and added to 'View' button.

[10/02/2021] Update: Primary Ballet videos moved from Sat to Weds.

[10/02/2021] Issue: Saturday - Ballet Rosette Turquoise video cuts off abruptly mid-demonstration.

Status = Resolved: Re-encoded. Re-uploaded. Re-added to video page. Re-ally fixed.

[10/02/2021] Issue: Tuesday - Silver 2 Freestyle Routine 1 missing.

Status = Resolved: Re-added to video page.

[09/02/2021] Update: Punted VLM updates for 2021. Happy New Tier.

Live Stage: VLM Version 1.1

[18/11/2020] Issue: Performing Arts VLM page shows as 'Page Not Found.'

Status = No Issue Found: Tested. Couldn't reproduce. Possibly client-side. Noted.

[18/11/2020] Issue: Tuesday - Sing, Sing, Sing plays Can You Feel The Love Tonight instead.

Status = Resolved: Amended embed code.

[18/11/2020] Issue: Tuesday - We Are One Page inaccessible. Produces '404' error.

Status = Resolved: Amended URL discrepancy.

[17/11/2020] Issue: VLM FAQs outdated.

Status = Resolved: VLM FAQ Section updated.

[15/11/2020] Issue: Banana in disc drive.

Status = Resolved: Removed.

Live Stage: VLM Version 1.0

[22/04/2020] Issue: Tuesday - 2nd & 3rd Gold Bar Routine 4 video continues playing black screen after demo finished with only school logo showing.

Status = Resolved: Trimmed video to finish at correct time.

Beta Testing Stage: March 27 - April 21

[20/04/2020] Issue: Ballet Rosette Turquoise video doesn't display.

Status = Resolved: Fixed HTML Code error. Video link corrected.

[20/04/2020] Issue: Freestyle Rosette 6 Page Return Link directs to Thursday class page instead of Saturday.

Status = Resolved: Link URL corrected.

[20/04/2020] Issue: Prep Ballet Pony Gallops routine missing after demo.

Status = Resolved: Video edited, re-encoded and re-uploaded to host.

[20/04/2020] Issue: Saturday 9:30 Open Day Ballet missing.

Status = Resolved: Added to Saturday class page.

[20/04/2020] Issue: Thursday 5:30 Open Day Audio Practise Track missing.

Status = Resolved: Audio Practise Track added.

[20/04/2020] Issue: Class times incorrect on Thursday class page for freestyle classes.

Status = Resolved: Class times corrected.

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